About YSC

YSC’s annual springtime event at Camp Pendleton is Virginia Beach’s famous kick-off to warm weather. It hosts approximately 3,500 people and is one of the top fundraising events in the city. With the club’s ownership of nearly all the equipment needed to host the party, alongside its mandatory volunteer effort by all members, we are able to donate the majority of the proceeds from the event rather than pay overhead and administrative costs. We keep it simple when it comes to giving to charities benefiting kids of Hampton Roads.

We like to keep a low profile. We only have about 100 members, all of whom are 100% volunteer based. We have donated more than $3 million since our inception in 1971. Our mission is straight forward – to host events that raise money for charities benefiting the youth of Hampton Roads. A relatively new event created by YSC is the Fall Beer and Wine Bash which is held every Fall at Camp Pendleton. It has become our second largest annual event and was launched in 2012.

Long-tenured members are starting to pass the torch to the next generation with the formation of the Junior YSC. Junior YSC targets high school students in grades 9-12. It is designed to teach the teens the importance of giving back to their local community.

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